Author:Neubauer Kim

DROP BY DROP, Video, 2009, Coastal Training Technologies. Support: Leader's Guide, PowerPoint Presentation, 10 Employee Handbooks.

Rating: ****

Poison in the workplace, delivered even one drop at a time, can erode morale, reduce productivity, and increase turnover. The popularity of the concept "micro-inequities" is relatively new, although the term was coined in 1973 by M.I.T professor Mary Rowe.

Micro-inequities are small messages of prejudice that communicate disrespect and inequality. The DVD seeks to convince viewers that it is worth sweating the small stuff to create a more productive and inclusive work environment.


Drop by Drop is a comprehensive training package, in both Spanish and English, that includes a 19-minute DVD, a 46-page Leader's Guide, PowerPoint slides, 10 employee handbooks, and related resources. The DVD contains scenarios, discussion questions, and learning points for one- or two-hour interactive training sessions.

Drop by Drop presents a wide variety of situations involving ethnic and other diversity issues, including religious, size, and economic status. It includes an exercise with printable flash cards about business-related customs in several international cultures.

The product encourages customization; there is a whole section devoted to modifying the PowerPoint slides. Presenters can select scenarios according to which kind of diversity is most relevant to their organizations.



The voiceover DVD host Mike is a bit gimmicky, yet he states the unspoken truth while challenging viewers to acknowledge the impact of micro-inequities on co-workers. The DVD and Leader's Guide contain provocative questions to stimulate insightful discussion.

Drop by Drop takes the position that no one is immune from being an offender or victim of bias. All training...

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