Author:Arroyo, Raymond J.

We're thrilled to feature another impressive, impactful, and powerful Latina leader in our column: Carly Sanchez, head of Talent Acquisition, Strategy and Delivery for Wells Faigo & Co, with responsibilities around the globe. Carly has been recognized as one of ALPFA's 50 Most Powerful Latinas, published by Fortune Magazine on March 14, 2018, two years in a row. Her experience is rich and diverse, the scope of her job is massive, and her success is unquestionable--not because she has achieved a high corporate level job, or because she's transformed the way Wells Fargo finds the best and the brightest, or because the way she partners with the community to ensure everyone has an opportunity to compete fairly for a job or to conduct business at her company. She's successful because she's maintained a sense of balance in her life that enables her to perform at a consistently high level while keeping her family life and her strong family values at the forefront.

Carly shared an impactful story of integrity and morality despite going against the grain of the cultural norms at the time. She told me the story from many years ago when her mother was an elementary school teacher. Carly's mother enjoyed having lunch with Mrs. Oliver, not in the teachers' room, but in a room that can only be described as a closet. At the time, Mrs. Oliver was not welcomed in the teachers' room simply because of her race--she was an African-American. Even though it was the norm at the time, it wasn't right, and Carly's mom did what she could to make a bad situation a little better (readers who experienced or heard similar stories, or saw "Hidden Figures," will understand how common practices not too many decades ago negatively, severely, impacted people of color in our country). Carly's household grew up understanding the difference between lectures and actions; right and wrong, regardless or cultural norms, and standing up for what they believed in. To this date Carly is still that feisty and caring executive that her mother taught her to be. But what makes her stand out is her ability to remain humble, grounded, and accessible despite all the accolades she receives or the impact she's making within and outside of Wells Fargo.

Raymond Arroyo You've been selected as one of the 50 Most Powerful Latinas in corporate America in the U.S. two years in a row. What does that recognition mean to you?

Carly Sanchez: First, the honor is humbling --to be included for two years in...

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