Dr. Jesus Esquivel, cancer fighter: Atlanta, Georgia: the surgeon from Mexico says prevention is the best medicine.

Author:McQuade, George

In his fight against cancer, Dr. Jesus Esquivel has simple and good advice for Latinos: "Eat right, exercise, stop smoking and go to the doctor."

Esquivel is eminently qualified to provide guidance on the subject. He is the director of International Oncology Initiatives at Cancer Treatment Centers of America[R] (CTCA) and surgical oncologist at CTCA[R] at Southeastern Regional Medical Center near Atlanta. He also is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, specializes in colon cancer, and is well-schooled and experienced in treating other types of cancer.

A network of five hospitals throughout the United States dedicated to treating adults with cancer, CTCA has been helping patients win the fight against cancer for nearly 30 years.

"I'm in a very specialized field of cancer, which involves tumors that have spread throughout the abdomen. It involves a process known as 'carcinomatosis,' or metastatic carcinoma in cancer," explains Esquivel, whose career has been dedicated to treating and even curing that condition when there is a massive spread of cancer from one tumor.

Esquivel was looking for a place to make some progress in his field. He says he found it at CTCA, where his colleagues have one thing in common:

"At CTCA, it's all about the patient, and that notion resonated with me, because they are not only focused on treating the patient with cancer, but treating the patient as a person," he says.

Tha Latino factor

The cancer expert specializes in combining cytoreductive surgery with hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) in the management of gastrointestinal tumors that have spread throughout the abdominal cavity. His primary interest is in appendiceal and colorectal tumors.

His goal for all cancer patients is to make sure they have the right diagnosis and receive the right treatment by the right health care provider. He treats many Hispanic patients, and because he's from Mexico, where he earned his degree, he often returns to his native country to introduce American models of cancer treatment. He likes to give back to the community and treat as many Latinos as possible.

Dr. Esquivel has been influenced by his father, who was a surgeon and moved to Nashville, Tenn., where Esquivel was born. His family returned to Mexico when he was a year old.

"My dad said America has the best medical education...

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