Dr. Denice Cora-Bramble: talks culture of prevention.

Author:Alter, Diane

For almost 145 years, Washington, D.C.-based Children's National Health System has been recognized as a preeminent leader in serving the nation's children. Children's National is led by an elite team of professionals who have devoted their careers to children's medicine and is the only health system in the D.C. area designed exclusively for children. Children's National is valued for the development and application of pioneering new treatments for childhood illness and injuries.

"All of us here truly care about our patients and their families," Dr. Denice Cora-Bramble, M.D., Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of Ambulatory and Community Health Services, told Latino Leaders. She is the first woman and first Latino to hold the prominent position. "We really keep the child and their family at the center of what we do. This is a common bond we all share at Children's National." The skilled team at Children's National treats more than 450,000 patients each year, many who come from around the globe. Latest available data shows Children's National performs over one million laboratory tests, 123,332 diagnostic imaging procedures, and 17,867 surgical procedures annually. In 2015, Children's providers saw patients from 20 countries and provided $74.3 million in uncompensated care during the previous year. The largest non-government provider of primary care in the nation's capital, Children's National also delivers care through community-based outpatient centers and mobile health services in addition to its home base. The aim is to help make quality care more accessible to children and their families. A large majority of the patients treated at Children's National and its centers come from the Latino community.


"Because our health care services focus on children and adolescents, we know more about how to address their physical and emotional needs," Dr. Cora-Bramble said. "We are the premier provider of acute pediatric services in the Washington, D.C. area. Since a large number of patients we care for come from the Latino community, we pay careful attention to family perspectives, choices, values, and cultural backgrounds."


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