Dr. David Hayes-Bautista: finding a link between culture, behavior and health.

Author:Almanza, Lorenzo


Health is an important issue in the Hispanic community. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported in 2015 that Latinos have seen an increase in illnesses such as diabetes, liver problems, heart disease and cancer. The numbers do not lie, either. HispanicTrending.net reported last year that one out of every five adult diabetics is Hispanic, and nearly one-third of adult Hispanles is obese. Dr. David Hayes-Bautista and other researchers spend countless hours studying health problems in the Latino community.

Dr. Hayes-Bautista has been most influential in his research of the effect of various health issues have had on the Hispanic population. BestKeynotes.com featured Hayes-Bautista's research on the Latino Epidemiological Paradox, which helped find a link between culture, behavior and health. This helped uncover reasons why heritage often plays part in who can contract certain diseases.

This research led to the formation of the Center for the Study of Latino Health and Cultural at the School of Public Health. The center plays is part of UCLA's medical school, combining research interests with teaching methods to manage the care of its Latino patient base. Dr. Hayes-Bautista's program has also helped him have a voice across the nation, raising concerns over access to universal health care.

Dr. Hayes-Bautista continues to have an impact on the Latino community thanks to his transformational center that has helped establish new connections with specific health concerns. Some of his research has been featured in publications such as Family Practice, Salud Publica de Mexico and the American Journal of Public Health.

He is also an accomplished author. His recent book, El Cinco de Mayo: An American Tradition, observes the true origins of the Hispanic holiday and has been well received by his readers. Another book, La Nueva California, Latinos in the Golden State, is one of Dr. Hayes-Bautista's most celebrated works.

Meanwhile, Dr. Hayes-Bautista continues doing tours and keynote presentations of his work, communicating why Latino health is so vitally important for families.

Q&A with Dr. Hayes Bautista

Please share with us some of your most relevant work in the health area and its repercusions?

At the dawn of the Community Clinic era, I served as the founding Executive Director of La Clinica de la Raza from 1970 to 1974. That clinic, and many others like it, have grown tremendously over the last 45 years...

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