Downsizing: the big bore semi-autos, more .22 long rifle conversions.

Author:Taffin, John
Position:PART II

Last month we looked at reasons for .22 Conversion Units and the work of Bob Marvel. This time we pick up with a look at those units offered by other companies.

Ciener offers the largest selection of .22 Conversion Units which fall into three basic categories, Colt-style, Browning Hi-Power, and the foreign designs consisting of the Beretta 92/96, Taurus 92/99 and the Glock 19/23 and 17/22. All of the Ciener .22 Conversions come with 14- or 15-round magazines. For the 1911 Ciener offers the Platinum Cup with fully adjustable sights and the 1911A1 with fixed sights. Both units installed easily and quickly on a pair of Series 70 Colts for me. The Platinum Cup went on a Colt Gold Cup while the 1911A1 on my ivory stocked Colt Government Model. Both units were properly lubricated with Gun Butter before being assembled and after two magazine fired to settle them in were then totally reliable.

The Platinum Cup features a serrated front sight and Millett adjustable rear sight both of which made it very easy to sight in. The 1911A1 with its fixed sights shoots less than 1" low and can be easily filed in for point of aim to equal point of impact. The Platinum Cup/Colt Gold Cup liked Federal HPs best with the result being 1" groups for 9 shots at 20 yards, while the 1911A1/Series 70 Colt Government Model accomplished the same thing with CCI Green Tags.


Switching to the Browning Hi-Power we find the standard Ciener version is known as the Hi-Power while the target-sighted version is the HP Plus. The latter was an easy fit on my modern production 9mm Browning, however neither version would match up with my .40 S&W Browning. They could be installed but were too tight for use and would require lapping in the slide rails. Instead the standard unit went on an older Belgian Browning. The HP Plus target sighted version did its best work with CCI Mini-Mag HPs, CCI Green Tags, and Winchester Super-X HV.

Ciener has not forgotten two foreign-born pistols which have had a great influence in the United States. In the 1980s the standard 1911 was retired and replaced by the 9mm Beretta Model 92. The shooting public has always been quick to adopt military cartridges and firearms such as the .30-06, .308, .223 and of course the .45 ACP 1911. The same is true of the Beretta which is very popular in its civilian version. My son's first semi-automatic pistol was the Beretta.

The ingenious semi-automatic pistol from the mind of Gaston Glock has great influence around the world with more than 4 million units now being produced. The owner of a Glock 19 or 17 can make it even more versatile with the addition of a Ciener Glock 19/23 or 17/22 Conversion Unit. Installed on the Model 19 the result is an extremely compact, lightweight, 15-round .22 weighing 18 ounces. The longer barreled, larger frame Beretta comes in at 30 ounces with the...

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