Downham, Jenny. Before I die.

Author:Julian, Janet
Position:Young adult review - Brief article - Audiobook review

DOWNHAM, Jenny. Before I die. Read by Charlotte Parry. 6 cds. 7 hrs. Listening Library, Random House. 2007. 978-0-7393-6290-7. $34.00. Vinyl; plot, author, reader notes. S

When she was 12, Tessa was diagnosed with leukemia. Four years later she is about to lose her battle with the disease. In the few months left to her she decides to accomplish ten things, to prove to herself that she is still alive. Unfortunately for those who love her, the list includes sex, drugs, breaking the law, and a day when she must say "yes" to everything. This one lands her in the hospital. She also swipes her dad's car and drives her best friend Zoey to the seashore, where she learns that Zoey is pregnant and intends to keep the baby. Tessa does succeed in doing some good before she goes. She gets...

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