Power down: how would you find help in an outage?

Author:Seeds, Dennis G.
Position:Larger margin

When someone is met with a challenge, some unique solutions are often posed. Take, for example, something I saw on the way to work recently.

A winter storm had piled a blanket of snow in Northern Ohio. Many schools were closed and roads were treacherous, if not impassable. Some power lines were down.

As I wound my way to the office using the side streets instead of the freeway, I passed through a lightly-populated area that usually saw its share of rush-hour traffic that a side street would get. I saw a person standing where the driveway met the road, holding a hand-made sign with large, red letters: NEED POWER.

I couldn't tell if it was a man or woman because the person was so heavily clothed with a hat, scarf, coat, and boots. My guess was that it was an older person--who must not have had a (working) cell phone to call for help--and the matter was urgent.

As I pondered what to do, I looked in my mirror and saw that a police car was approaching. The officer stopped and investigated. I continued on, assuming that assistance would come.

Was this a person who had a collection of expensive salt-water fish in an aquarium?

Did the house have only cordless phones, which don't work during a power outage?

Was this a dairy...

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