Donohue, Keith. The stolen child, a novel.

Author:Theiss, Nola
Position:Young adult review - Brief article - Book review

DONOHUE, Keith. The stolen child, a novel. Random House, Anchor. 320p. c2006. 978-1-4000-9653-4. $13.95. JSA

Some might say this novel about changelings and fairies is a fantasy, but it is written in such a believable way that the reader will be looking at every mischievous child, searching for signs of a changeling. And every YA reader will wonder if being a changeling may explain why he is living with parents who are so unlike him.

When Henry Day was seven, he ran away to the forest and was gone for a few days. When he was found in a tree, he seemed different to his father, and his mother realized that something about him had profoundly changed. He had been replaced by a fairy, who had himself been a stolen child many years before. This wonderful book alternates chapters between Aniday, the child/fairy now living in the woods with other changelings, awaiting his turn to become human again, and the changeling now living the life of Henry Day. Unfortunately for the changelings, the world has changed too. Their forest home is encroached upon by a housing development where ironically the adult Henry Day...

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