Don't Tell Me I Can't Do It!(MIND BODY)

Author:Miller, Erica

LIFE OFTEN IS A MIXED BAG of grapes, both sweet and sour Do not let the sour grapes determine your existence. When the going gets tough, reject a victim-like mentality and choose a more-positive path.

Recognize life as a journey. When life is seen this way, it poses questions about the destinations that are encountered along the way. When seeking answers, understand that some will require great effort, while others may inspire dread. Some will feel miraculous; others may remain elusive.

Beyond a journey, life often is an unfolding mystery. Within each day, the unexpected can occur. When you are presented with a surprising twist or an unfortunate situation, how you react has a great deal to do with the outcome. Say, for instance, you are let go from your job. It is a crush to your ego--and your bank account, family, and general well-being.

However, this can turn into an opportunity. With the right attitude-upbeat versus doom-and-gloom--you can take control of the matter and discover new possibilities. If you play the lead character in your life, then you realize that the choice entirely is up to you. Remember, turbulent times can be calmed by acknowledging that life is precious--a gift to be treasured. The vicissitudes of life--the ups and downs, the good and the bad--all are precious. Embrace them.

Flex your muscles. This principle is critical to leading "the good lite"--in whatever way you choose to measure it. Flex your muscles of authority, respect, knowledge, and experience--do what needs to be done, even when others have given up. Take charge of a situation, even when doing so will zap your energy reserves. If this becomes the case, if, no matter how much effort is put forth, progress remains elusive, do not be afraid to seek the help of others.

Asking for assistance is a way of exerting your strength, It takes a strong person to admit the need for help. Then, once the help is there, it requires strength to delegate, guide, and learn to trust. Along the way, understand that certain efforts may never reach fruition--or perhaps they will be put off indefinitely.

Watching that effort somehow fall apart can hurt. Yet, that pain cannot take precedence over the fact that, in order to take the chance, muscles had to be flexed in the first place. Now it is time to bounce back by flexing your muscles of resilience. Remember, hardships often are the precursor to strength.

Reframe the concept of failure. With this notion, the most-significant...

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