Don't Shoot! We're Republicans!


Don't Shoot! We're Republicans!

By Jack Owens

In the FBI culture of wingtips and crewcuts, field agent Jack Owens wore loafers and long hair. He was a dedicated career agent, but he viewed some policies as unnecessary and enjoyed doing things his way.

Don't Shoot! We're Republicans! combines Owens' personal stories with an in-depth look at the workings of the FBI. He describes the rigid but effective management style of J. Edgar Hoover, critiques the methods of Hoover's successors, and praises the Bureau's move to recruit women and minorities.

He recounts in detail the handling of a number of nationally publicized crimes, like the Atlanta child murders. He describes new directions for FBI activities after the collapse of the Soviet Union, including cooperative efforts to fight global crime and terrorism and programs to train former communist police officers how to enforce laws in their new democracies....

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