Don't neglect the "lesser sellers".

Author:Ayoob, Massad
Position:Lethal force

The race is still on to acquire "black rifles" and hordes of amino, but, in the meantime, other retail gun buying goes on.

At Scheels Gun Shop, an enclave within Sheels All Sports in Cedar Falls, Iowa, one customer is happily filling out an FFL for a Springfield Armory XD pistol, another is looking almost feverishly for an AR-15, and a third is at the reloading supplies corner preparing to stock up substantially.

And, almost unnoticed, Al Carstensen appreciatively examines a little CZ side-by-side, 20-gauge double, bringing it to his shoulder and swinging it on an imaginary bird.

Today, he's not in the market for the guns every other customer seems to...

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