Don't commit these email crimes.


1) Incorrectly linking to URLs.

Instead of typing in your email, type Informz and then hyperlink just that word to the Web site. This will help your deliverability since spam filters are very suspicious of URLs that are written out.

2) Avoid copying your text directly from Word and similar word-processing programs.

Instead, first paste the content into Notepad. Notepad strips out the extra code that Word secretly adds to your text. This extra code can wreak havoc to your fonts and spacing.


3) Be sure to use Opt-Outs as an option for your readers... and set up Opt-Outs correctly.

If your recipients no longer wish to receive your emails and can't opt out, they may report you as spam.

4) Before you send your email, check to be sure that you are sending it to the...

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