Don't Be Suppressed--Prep for the Polls.

Author:Lowes, Robert

To avoid being the victim of a voting-roll purge, here are some tips:

* Look up your registration status ahead of time at or

* Not registered? You still may be able to register in person or online (possible in most states) for the November 6 midterm election. The League of Women Voters offers online registration at Of course, you'll have to beat your state's registration deadline. In South Carolina, it's October 7. In Washington, it's October 29. In fifteen states and Washington, D.C., you can register on Election Day.

* Research what you need to take to the polls at your state's election office website at

* Find your polling place at the website for the National Association of Secretaries of State.

* If you encounter confusion about your registration at the polling place, or broken equipment, intimidation, or other problems, report them to election officials onsite. Then call Election Protection. The national nonpartisan group puts black-and-white signs outside of polling places on an election day. They say: "Election Protection. You Have the Right to Vote. Questions or Problems Voting? Call 1-866-OUR-VOTE."

Election Protection stands ready to do everything from chauffeuring people to the polls to getting court orders to extend voting hours when the lines go around the block. In...

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