Don't push, pull. Don't sell, serve.

Author:Hardy, Darren
Position:Publisher's Letter - Editorial

The best sales advice I can give you is: Slop selling. No one wants to be sold. But they do want to be served.


There is an old sales adage that is wrong: "Find a need and fill it." The correct instruction is: Find a perceived need and fill it. If the need isn't perceived, it doesn't exist. You might find someone who is overweight then try and sell him or her on the need for your diet program. But if this person doesn't have a need to lose weight, there isn't one.

Here is the lesson: Don't push; instead, pull. Don't push your story, desires or objectives on potential clients; rather, pull their story, desires and objectives out of them. Focus on what they want, versus what you want from them. Investigate, don't present. Probe, don't, pitch. Solve, don't sell.

How? Talk less, listen more. Make fewer statements, ask more questions. If you want to master one skill to skyrocket your sales success, learn how to ask better questions, not how to do better presentations. Then make those questions the format of your sales "presentation."

Zig Ziglar taught us you can have everything you want, in life, if you will just help enough people get what they want.

See your role as one. of servitude. Who can you serve, today? What pains or problems can you fix, what hopes or desires can you fulfill? You won't know until you ask. Ask, ask, ask. Once your prospects reveal what is important, exciting, valuable and desirous to them, you can then offer a solution you might have for that self-identified need. Now...

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