Domino to host Digital Printing Spectrum 2017.

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* Domino will be hosting its second Open House, Digital Printing Spectrum 2017. The event will be held at the Holiday Inn Gurnee Convention Center, May 23 and 24 in Gurnee, IL, USA.

Domino says that Digital Printing Spectrum 2017 is where "the widest range of industry experts will converge to discuss best practices for making money with digital printing. Everything you need to know to build your organization and infrastructure to make digital printing efficient, successful and profitable."

This Open House is a one-day event, duplicated over two days so attendees can choose which day they prefer to attend. Attendees can arrive the night before (for either date) to enjoy the evening receptions.

The event will include presentations from industry leaders, a Q&A panel discussion, innovative equipment demonstrations, and tabletop exhibits from leading suppliers in the industry. Registration is now open, and further details are now available.

With a tabletop exhibit at this event, suppliers to the label printing community have the opportunity for two days of visibility, networking, educational and informative conversations with customers, prospects and peers.

Among the presenters slated to speak at the event are David Walsh and Jennifer Dochstader, LPC, Inc.; Doug Bartlett,...

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