Nexon and Big Huge Games have released the next major update for DomiNations, ushering in the Cold War Age to the hit mobile strategy game. Downloaded more than 31 million times, players will now be able to advance one of eight nations through to the 12th iconic historical era in the game which delivers new content, tactical units, defensive buildings, in-game events and more.

The Cold War adds new units based on the turbulent time period giving players the ability to wield the M56 Scorpion Tank and BM-21 Grad Rocket Launcher in their conquest for world domination. To ready players and their troops for the fierce Winter ahead, DomiNations will feature several in- game events and Supply Drops that will give players the ability to advance through ages quicker than ever.

The DomiNations Cold War update will include:

- M56 Scorpion Tank - A heavily armored vehicle specializing in destroying tanks and buildings.

- BM-21 Grad Multiple Rocket Launcher System - Powerful defensive unit that deals splash damage to enemy troops.

- Supply Drop System - A major update to Supply Drops will make the system easier to use and will allow players to receive valuable Supply Drop Crates twice a day.

- Winter Through The Ages - A seven week-long discount event will feature rolling discount events for each Age.

- Resource Production Boost - Every 10 days players will receive a major production boost, ramping up resource production to power them through the ages. - Discounted Crown Packages - During each Age Rush event, players in that respective Age will have the chance to purchase discounted Crown Packages.

- Moctezuma - The Aztec emperor is the newest addition to the University Leaders who improves resource...

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