Domestic Management Societies and Associations

AuthorTim Barnett, Judith Nixon

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Management societies and associations exist to promote greater professionalism within the field and provide educational opportunities for their members. Many societies and associations exist within the field of management. Some have members primarily from academia; others have members who are primarily practitioners; while still others have both. Although almost all associations within the field of management have some international members, the focus of the following paragraphs is on those societies and associations whose membership is predominantly in the United States.

The management associations discussed in this article all have similar organization structures and activities:

All sponsor a variety of useful professional services available to their members.

Most have local chapters that are affiliated with the national organization.

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Most have at least one and sometimes several conferences each year and sponsor publications designed to disseminate management research findings or to communicate helpful information to management practitioners.

Some offer professional certification programs to allow members to demonstrate their competence within their area of specialty.


The Academy of Management (AOM) is the preeminent professional organization for those involved or interested in management research and education in the United States. It was founded in 1936, and its membership consisted of about 12,000 individuals as of 2004. Most of its members are college professors teaching within the field of management or related disciplines. Most academy members have Ph.D.s in management or related disciplines. The academy also has some practitioner members. Although the academy has members from around the world, the overwhelming majority of its membership is in the United States.

AOM sponsors an annual conference each August. At this meeting, educational and professional development programs are held and scholarly research papers are presented and discussed. Other activities at the annual meeting include meetings of various divisions and interest groups and a job placement service that allows universities to recruit for qualified applicants to fill open faculty positions in management and related fields.

AOM publishes scholarly journals and a newsletter. The Academy of Management Journal (AMJ) features empirical papers, and the Academy of Management Review (AMR) features theoretical papers. The Academy of Management Executive (AME) publishes applied articles related to management practice and has a substantial readership among practitioners. There is also the Academy of Management Learning and Education (AMLE).

AOM has a variety of divisions and interest groups that allow members with common interests to interact more closely. Some of these divisions include Business Policy &amp...

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