Doing More With Less Energy.

Author:Durkay, Jocelyn

The cheapest electricity is the electricity you don't use.

Each year, legislators enact about 100 efficiency-related bills, and this year was no different.

States have a range of energy efficiency policies to choose from--setting building-efficiency or reporting requirements, creating efficiency targets or incentives, designating sales tax holidays for buying efficient appliances and enacting various financing and funding initiatives. This year, examples can be found across the nation.

Nevada lawmakers enacted five efficiency-related bills this session, including initiatives for low-income customers and annual energy-savings targets for utilities.

Nevada lawmakers also established a Clean Energy Fund, which is similar to a "green" or energy bank. The fund seeks to increase the pace and volume of financing for energy efficiency, renewable energy, demand response and alternatively fueled vehicle projects.

The Virginia Assembly authorized cities to create green development zones in which businesses receive tax incentives if they operate in energy-efficient buildings or produce environmentally friendly products.

In Maryland, newly passed legislation requires...

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