Doing It Right.


For as long as I've been at E&P, our March issue has always been home to our list of 10 Newspapers That Do It Right. As we state in our nomination form, the purpose is not meant to be a list of the 10 Best Newspapers, but it's to highlight successful ideas from 10 newspapers. I've shared how it's one of my favorite issues to put together: everything from reading through the submissions, selecting the 10 publications, interviewing the people whose work we are recognizing, and seeing the story come together always reminds me there are some bright spots in our industry--and they're all worth celebrating. I'm sure you, as a reader, can also appreciate the good work that is being done at these newspapers.

But as we were putting together the story in January, many of our colleagues at Gannett, BuzzFeed and HufflPost were let go. Those in the newspaper industry have seen their share of layoffs, but the announcement that BuzzFeed was cutting about 215 people (that's 15 percent of its operation) came as a shock, especially since digital media is supposed to lead the way for the future of news.

There's a reason why we don't call it 10 Newspapers That Do It Perfectly--because there's no such thing. We're all still learning, still growing, still pushing, still trying to do it right.

I'll leave the rest of this space to some of the newspapers who are doing just that.--NY

"Journalism isn't changing, but the ways to tell stories and where to tell them is evolving dramatically. We believe the key to success if having one foot planted on the side of tradition and the other planted on the side of innovation."--Paul Pronovost, Cape Cod Times

"Newspapers can not only survive but thrive by engaging in their local communities. People love to read about themselves and their neighbors. National news has its place and even regional news outlet such as local television, but your local newspaper is where people can really connect with their community. No one else is going to tell you who had the best golf game, what club gave money to the Boys and Girls Club, or who is the local high school athlete of the week. Even your local news stations...

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