Making DoD business travel quicker, easier, better...: Defense Travel System (DTS) now arriving! The Defense Travel System (DTS) is the Department of Defense's single end-to-end electronic solution for Temporary Duty (TDY) or business travel.

Author:Col Schaefer, Larry J.
Position:Department of Defense - Brief Article

How does DTS make the travel process easier? DTS enables the user to prepare an authorization to travel, make reservations via realtime access of arrangements information, receive approval, and file a voucher for reimbursement -- all from a desktop computer. Using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology, the traveler, authorizing officials, and certifying officials apply their digital signatures to all of the documents that they create or modify. DTS is the first DoDwide application to use this digital signature capability in an end-to-end electronic commerce application. These "signatures" are carried on the Common Access Card (CAC), or PKI Diskette that are being distributed to all DoD personnel. Other features of DTS include electronic archiving of documents, automatic computation of distances, automatic pre-audit of documents, and various checks and balances within the system to vastly improve on the efficiency and effectiveness of current travel processes in place throughout the DoD. Most important to the traveler -- he/she will experience a smoother planning process, with reimbursement for travel expenses concluded in a matter of a few days versus weeks. Travelers can also indicate the amount that needs to be electronically sent to the credit card company to pay for travel expenses charged to their individual Government Credit Card.

The system delivers Web-based desktop access to all elements of planning, processing, approving and reimbursing for a trip. Travelers simply log onto the system, and within seconds they establish a "Virtual Private Network (VPN)" through their local installation's firewall to the data center at TRW, Inc., Fairfax, VA. TRW, Inc., is the prime contractor for the Defense Travel System. DTS will provide electronic connectivity among the following entities in the travel process -- the traveler, the traveler's authorizing official, the service and agency accounting and disbursing systems, the local comptroller's budget, the commercial travel services provider, the certifying official, the commercial bank card service, and the electronic archive. Electronic routing of all documents eliminates the need to hand-carry or fax these documents to the various personnel involved in the travel process.

DTS is part of an overall effort within DoD to reengineer travel processes. This effort began in the early 1990's, and has succeeded because of the dedication and perseverance of the Defense Travel Team. This team is...

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