Documentary Educational Resources.


Documentary Educational Resources is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 1968 and incorporated in 1971 for the purpose of producing and distributing cross-cultural documentary film for educational use; hence, early innovators in developing 16mm film and media based curriculum for classroom use and focused to embrace films with a wider aesthetic and audience appeal that support filmmakers who have long-term commitments to the people that they film based on the idea that filmmakers who work collaboratively with their subjects produce film with integrity. And furthermore, the focus is to distribute media that has the power to overcome barriers to cross-cultural understanding to recognize that media can be the first step in growing sensitivity and awareness of other cultures which may lead to tolerance and acceptance and eventually give way to appreciation and admiration of other cultures. The organization is funded in part by a generous grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, and by Mass Humanities, which receives support from the Massachusetts Cultural Council and is an affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Changa Revisited

by Peter Biella and Leonard Kamerling (color, 61 min, 2016, in Maasai with English subtitles)


Changa Revisited is the story of Tanzania Maasai elder Toreto ole Koisenge and his family, seen from two points in time across a thirty year divides. His life has drastically changed since anthropologist Peter Biella first visited his home thirty years ago. Then he had six hundred cattle. Now disease has reduced his herd to twenty. The world of Maasai pastoralists has gotten smaller and smaller since the Tanzania government forced them to live in permanent villages and end the seasonal cattle migrations. "The world is upside-down... what can you do except change?" says Toreto. The film draws on hundreds of photographs and audio recordings taken in 1980 by Peter Biella. These images, woven with contemporary video footage, create a deeply personal portrait of the unfolding of a family's life through three decades of tumultuous change.

Colours of the Alphabet

by Alastair Cole (color, 80 min, 2016)


Colours of the Alphabet is a new feature documentary film on language and childhood in Africa, telling the story of three Zambian children and their families over two school terms, and asking the question: does the...

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