Doctorow, Cory. Little brother.

Author:Rohrlick, Paula
Position:Young adult review - Brief article - Book review

DOCTOROW, Cory. Little brother. Tor. 382p. bibliog. c2008.978-0-7653-1985-2. $17.95. SA *

Marcus, age 17, and his hacker friends pick the wrong day to cut school. They get caught up in the chaos following a major terrorist attack on San Francisco and are taken away by the Department of Homeland Security for heavy-handed interrogation. When Marcus is finally released, he's infuriated at how his civil rights were ignored, and even angrier to find that in the wake of the attack the DHS has turned the city into a police state, installing all kinds of invasive security devices and treating everyone as possible suspects. "No price was too high for security," the President has declared, but Marcus disagrees, and he sets out to take down the DHS, using all the...

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