Do You Love Yourself?

Position:Book review

Carmen Jimenez; DO YOU LOVE YOURSELF?; AuthorHouse (Self Help) $10.00 ISBN: 9781434316233

"You empower yourself whenever you think 'outside the box' and choose to behave in a genuine way which best meets your own physical emotional and spiritual needs and accords with your personal values--your beliefs about what is important and what is not" asserts Carmen Jimenez.

A licensed clinical social worker with a degree from Columbia University Jimenez was moved to write this slim volume for those seeking to accept themselves and overcome feelings of inferiority because she herself felt that "something was missing" in her otherwise successful life.

Readers will have to overlook the heavy use of clich&233;s--self-love being comfortable in your own skin authentic self and more--but the message is clear in this "short snappy and to the point" book: we have been persuaded by media and cultural expectations to feel that we are unable to meet the ideal of beauty and success. Such beliefs lead to counterproductive coping techniques and feelings of not measuring up.

"We are conditioned by society to think that there is something wrong with us period" Jimenez claims. She speaks internationally on personal growth and readers may feel they are benefiting from an inspirational lecture. Emotionally engaging this book like so many of its genre inspires readers to make a change but arms them primarily with platitude and Jimenez's...

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