Do a year-end 'career audit': 15 questions.

Position:Your HR Career

Most people go through some sort of change each year in their jobs: new management, a reorganization or just a shift in duties. As workplace coach Joan Lloyd writes in The Business Journal, it's wise to regularly examine those changes and do a "career audit" to see your path in the big picture. To do this, ask yourself these questions at the end of each year:

  1. What four things did I really enjoy in my job last year?

  2. What percentage of the total job do they represent?

  3. Are they the kinds of things that really motivate me?

  4. Will I have a chance to do more things like this in the future?

  5. Is it worth staying in this job for these kinds of experiences?

  6. How many new things did I learn this year?

  7. Will the things I learned make me more marketable?

  8. What parts of my job do I really dislike?

  9. What do I dislike about them?

  10. Why do I dislike these activities? Who or what did they negatively affect? Why?

  11. Did they violate my beliefs, values or principles?

  12. What percentage of the total job do they represent?

  13. Did I have fun and enjoy going to work? Or did I hear myself saying...

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