Author:Ellis, Josh

Thankfully the apprentice programs in most companies have evolved since I was an unpaid summer intern following my sophomore year of college. I wasn't being paid anything at all to be a writer then, so I suppose you could say that donating plasma for $55 a week was my actual day job. That was enough to afford ramen noodles and frozen pizza while I slept on a buddy's couch and went to work for free every day trying to build what I hoped would become a career.

The writing, truly, was the side hustle. But I followed my passion, stuck with it and created a life around it. In time, writing became the day job. Some years later I grew into an editor, which has created opportunities to explore other passions I never even knew I had.

That's the thing about having a side hustle you care about. It demands that you push yourself, and you never quite know how the process might improve you and in the process change your life for the better.

Our cover subject for this issue, the dynamic Jay Shetty, offers another example that following a keen interest down the rabbit hole is sure to change your life in ways you can't yet imagine. Jay was a listless college kid who fell into a side hustle of observing the happy habits of monks, which has transformed him into one of...

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