DO FRANCHISES PREFER CALLS OR TEXTING? Statistics about communication habits that will help your business reach patrons faster.

Author:Robinson, Eli

In today's climate, you can hardly conduct a business call without the word "data" coming up at some point. Gut instinct is just as important as it's always been in making decisions for your franchise, but increasingly, complimenting your intuitions with information is vital.

FranFunnel sits at the intersection of the communication world and the franchising world. There are a few key pieces of data that we want to pass along to you to help you think about how your franchise communicates.

Texting Rules

Let's start out with an easy one: Gallup--yes the polling company --asked Americans about the frequency they send e-mails, send texts and use both cell phones and landlines. Text messaging is now the top communication method for Americans (39 percent), followed closely behind by mobile phone calls (38 percent) and email (37 percent). Landline calls from home, unsurprisingly, are only at 9 percent. This highlights the need to have both A) text messaging as part of a communication plan and B) a varied approach to finding which method works best for each person.

How many people put their mobile number into a lead form so you can text them? Based on our data, 3 out of 4 people give a cell phone and it's only going up. The idea that "people don't really give you their cell phone" is a complete myth. In fact, people almost exclusively give you cell phone numbers.

What about preferences? Just because you can message someone doesn't mean that you should. What percentage of people prefer receiving a text message to an email? Based on our tests, 90 percent texting and 10 percent phone call is your answer. Yes, 9 out of 10 people prefer texting to calling in the franchise space.

Fewer Answering Phones

Making matters worse for those who prefer phone calls, answer rates are as low as they've ever been. Because of things like Caller ID and robo-calling, people will do everything they can to ignore your calls. Our data suggests that call answer rates are below 3 percent. Is your team placing 25 to 50 calls to get one person to pick up the phone?

This, of course, is very alarming for the franchise space. Many of the industry's greatest brands were built on the foundation of cold calling. But as the data shows, those days are...

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