Author:Ferraez, Jorge

The "D" word for Diversity is starting to become a reality for many in Corporate America. The concept that years ago was just an illusion or a good goal to have, a politically correct posture, has started to move now from the plans and wish lists to the organizational charts and business plans.

Everyday more and more companies realize the value of Diversity. Either propelled by their Board of Directors or by a visionary CEO - the benefits and actual needs to become diverse are clear and present.

Diversity takes place in two ways: The first one (initiative) develops inside a company, by establishing a Diversity Office, working the H.R. departments to recruit and get diversity suppliers, making the C-Suite a more "multicolored" pack and establishing policies and strategies to secure a continuity. The second initiative takes an outside direction, which means multicultural marketing efforts are under way, with the basic simple principle of "mirroring the market they serve", conquer underserved minority markets and probably most importantly; understanding the dynamics of the Hispanic markets. For many corporations, expanding to these markets is not only a way to grow, but also it could mean the only way to grow.

Today, Latino Leaders Magazine is making a pledge to promote and...

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