Diversity: The Real Scene.

Author:Pacheco, Linda

Diversity: The Real Scene, Video, 2006, Coastal Training Technologies, $795-$845.

Support: leader guide, employee handbooks (10), PowerPoint slides.

We all have biases! The key is--what are we going to do about them?

That's the question explored in Diversity: The Real Scene by Coastal. As today's workforce continues to evolve, biases, differences, and misunderstandings are becoming more common. Training employees to understand diversity and the need to treat everyone with respect and equality is a must. This video package can help you achieve the goal.


The DVD holds both the video and the support materials. Start with the leader's guide--only 27 pages and it's worth reviewing them all. The guide provides everything you need to begin--sample agendas, discussion guides, worksheet exercises, pre- and posttests, and evaluations.

In addition, you'll find a 10-question survey that can be used to generate discussion. The first five questions focus an individual's personal comfort zone with respect to diversity, and the last five focus on opportunities in the workplace to deal with diversity. And you'll find a PowerPoint slide show that can be used as is or changed and customized to fit your needs. (When you use a DVD player attached to a TV, the support materials aren't accessible.)

Available in English and Spanish versions, the video explains diversity, discrimination as defined by law, and the obvious and more common subtle forms discrimination can take in the workplace.

I liked the video length of only 21 minutes, which is enough to keep people's interest without boring them. It also explains diversity in terms and language that are familiar and easy to understand. The scenarios are easy to follow and go through different protected classes including age, sexual orientation, gender, race, and more. Some of the scenarios demonstrate overt...

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