Diversity Benefits.

Author:Pacheco, Linda

Diversity Benefits, Online Training, 2007, Workplace Answers, $20-$40.

"Diversity? Affirmative Action? Are they the same? This doesn't apply to me. What a waste of my time!"

Have you heard similar comments? If so, how do you provide training and still deliver a WIIFM (what's in it for me) for your employees?

Workplace Answers has a solution: a self-paced online learning course called "Diversity Benefits." (Linda Pacheco's review of the Workplace Answers course "Sexual Harassment Prevention" is here.)

It provides a comprehensive look at the issue of diversity in the workplace and the importance of providing training for all employees, especially supervisors, due to the litigious nature of our times.

"Diversity Benefits" is completely self-paced. Designed to take approximately one hour to complete, this course helps employers by explaining the business case for valuing diversity, which includes increasing inclusion of, and participation by, staff at all levels while deepening workplace understanding of diversity characteristics and categories that are protected by law.


The course has four sections:

  1. Dimensions of Diversity

  2. Race, Religion, & Related Categories

  3. Sex, Gender, Disability, Personality, & Piercings

  4. Height, Weight, & Other Emerging Types of Disabilities

Your employees can comfortably complete the course in one sitting or take it over time. Workplace Answers keeps track of their progress so each time they log back into the course, they continue from where they left off.

In addition to the course content, additional material is available through the top navigation toolbar. A glossary of terms, your company's diversity or harassment policy (or a sample policy if you choose not to customize), and a help menu are available. Upon completion of the course, a certificate with the student's name can be printed.

The information covered in this course is delivered in an easy-to-navigate, easy-to-understand fashion. Progressing through a series of slides, participants read the information presented directly on the slide or click on a series of pictures that relay information through a story.

"Practical Points" recap the information provided very concisely. Famous quotations are used sporadically throughout the course to help illustrate a point, and a nice feature is each quote can be printed. The Workplace Answers "Diversity Coverage Wheel" organizes diversity characteristics according to legal protection.


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