Diversify investments.

Position:NABCAP - Interview

In your own words describe your practice. What makes your practice different from the rest?

The core of Diversify's business practice is aligning everything we do to our clients' best interests. We have adopted several guiding practices that direct our firm's activities: independence, diversification, client-tailored offerings and a commitment to ongoing client education. Diversify further differentiates itself from other investment firms through an established expertise in securitized commercial real estate offerings, which provides our investors with additional opportunities for diversification.

Describe your customer service model.

At Diversify, our customer service model is called "Diversify CAREs." Diversify uses the acronym CARE to articulate the four central aspects of our customer service strategy: C is for regular Communication; A is for consistent Appreciation; R is for quick Response: and E is for continuous Education. Diversify's CARE program is our model for treating each one of our clients with the care and service they deserve.

What is your investment philosophy?

Diversify believes in providing a thorough, well-informed and balanced perspective to each of our individual clients. When we use the term "Diversify," we mean it. Through diversification and rigorous due diligence, we create portfolios that are tailored towards the objectives of our clients, and we take the time to carefully explain the varying degrees of benefit and risk involved with each investment.

How would you describe your Risk Management philosophy? Would you care to elaborate...

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