Discrimination Due to Sexual Orientation

AuthorRebecca Ann Taylor
ProfessionWriter and attorney
The ght to be free from sexual orientation discrimination is not a new one,
but in the past decade the activists in this battle have covered signicant
ground. Television has played a huge role in pushing lesbian, gay, bisexual,
and transgender (LGBT) issues to the forefront, as a recent New York Times
article “Gay on TV: It’s All in the Family” explains.
Long gone are the days of
such public uproar as accompanied the reaction to Ellen DeGeneres coming
out on her 1990s television series.2 The article discussed how television has
become an important tool in shifting attitudes about sexual orientation kicked
off by providing abundant examples of LGBT culture in television today:
On “Glee” this spring, a transgender character named Unique is com-
peting in a sing-off. On “Grey’s Anatomy,” Arizona and Callie are
adjusting to married life, having been pronounced “wife and wife”
last year.
On “Modern Family,” the nation’s most popular television show,
Cameron and his partner Mitchell are trying to adopt a second child.
What’s missing? The outrage.3
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http:// www .nytimes .com /2012 /05 /09 /business /media /gay-on-tv-its-all-in-the-family .html ? _r=0.
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Chapter 6
Discrimination Due to
Sexual Orientation
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