Discovering Black Bears.

AuthorLeeper, Angela
PositionChildren's review - Book review

Work Title: Discovering Black Bears

Work Author(s): Margaret Anderson, et al.; Michael Maydak, illustrator

Dog-Eared Publications

Color and b/w illustrations, 40 pages, Softcover $8.95

Children's Picture Book

ISBN: 9780941042376

Reviewer: Angela Leeper

Like counting rings on a tree stump, looking at a cross section of a black bear's tooth will reveal its age. A 200-pound black bear begins life at a mere of a pound, and can be brown, cinnamon, blue-gray, or even white. Children discover these remarkable facts about the North American mammal through short, descriptive passages and twenty accompanying activities, from codes and games to stickers and crossword puzzles.

Topics comprise anatomy, hibernation, cub care, communication, habitats, food, and differences among other bears, as well as bears in constellations, their importance in Native American history, trivia, and even a ghost story. The book profiles several wildlife biologists, such as Lynn Rogers from the Wildlife Research Institute and scat detective Sue Mansfield. Scientific equipment is explained, the different methods of tracking bears, and field research techniques. The book also emphasizes human's impact on black bears, and how to practice good conservation, especially when "visiting bear country."

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