Disciplinary Notices, 0918 ALBJ, 79 The Alabama Lawyer 358 (2018)

PositionVol. 79 5 Pg. 358


Vol. 79 No. 5 Pg. 358

Alabama Bar Lawyer

September, 2018


• Richard Larry McClendon, who practiced in Bessemer and whose whereabouts are unknown, must answer the Alabama State Bar's formal disciplinary charges within 28 days of September 30, 2018 or, thereafter, the charges contained therein shall be deemed admitted and appropriate discipline shall be imposed against him in ASB Nos. 2016-1021,1025,1089,1351 and 1406, before the Disciplinary Board of the Alabama State Bar. [ASB Nos. 2016-1021,1025,1089,1351 and 1406]

Surrender of License

• On May 9,2018, the Supreme Court of Alabama adopted the order of the Alabama State Bar Disciplinary Commission, accepting the surrender of license of Mobile attorney James W. Zeigler from the practice of law in Alabama, effective April 18, 2018. On February 19, 2018, Zeigler voluntarily submitted his surrender of license to practice law in Alabama. [ASB No. 2015-864]


• Anniston attorney Raymond Charles Bryan was suspended from the practice of law for one year in Alabama by the Supreme Court of Alabama, effective May 8, 2018. The supreme court entered its order based upon the Disciplinary Board's report and order, wherein Bryan was found guilty of violating Rule 8.4(g), Ala. R.Prof. C. Bryan failed to pay the 941 taxes he withheld from his...

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