Disciplinary Case Summaries, 0619 COBJ, Vol. 48, No. 6 Pg. 68

Position:Vol. 48, 6 [Page 68]

48 Colo.Law. 68

Disciplinary Case Summaries

Vol. 48, No. 6 [Page 68]

The Colorado Lawyer

June, 2019

Office of the Presiding Disciplinary Judge

No. 19PDI015. People v. Burden. 3/21/2019. The Presiding Disciplinary Judge approved the parties' conditional admission of misconduct and publicly censured Charles James Burden (attorney registration number 50232), effective March 21, 2019.

On August 8, 2017, a Broomfield County jury found Burden guilty of a DUI, careless driving, driving on the wrong side of a divided highway, and DUI per se. He was sentenced to 30 days in jail with work release, 18 months of probation with monitored sobriety, and 48 hours of useful public service. He was also ordered to pay fines and costs.

On August 21, 2017, Burden pleaded guilty to another DUI in Jefferson County. He was sentenced to 365 days in jail. He served the first 10 days in jail with work release, and served the remaining 355 days in the out-mate program. Burden was sentenced to two years of probation with monitored sobriety, alcohol treatment, and completion of a Mothers Against Drunk Driving panel. He was also ordered to complete 48 hours of useful public service and to pay fines and costs.

Through his conduct, Burden violated Colo. RPC 8.4(b) (a lawyer shall not commit a criminal act that reflects adversely on the lawyer's honesty, trustworthiness, or fitness as a lawyer in other respects). The case file is public per CRCP 251.31.

No. 18PDI046. People v. Hill. 3/15/2019. A hearing board suspended Lawrence R. Hill, attorney registration number 17447, for one year and one day, all but six months stayed upon completion of a three-year period of probation with conditions, including alcohol monitoring and treatment. The suspension was effective April 19, 2019.

In 2017, Hill and his wife went to a bar, where they consumed alcohol and argued in the parking lot. Hill's wife made him walk home from the bar. When Hill returned home, he found a baseball bat, walked up the stairs, and entered his wife's bedroom, where he verbally threatened her while brandishing the baseball bat. He pleaded guilty to menacing, a class 3 misdemeanor. His conduct and guilty plea...

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