Dirty Tricks.

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Dirty Tricks

Judith K. Ivie

Mainly Murder Press, LLC

PO Box 290586, Wethersfield, CT 06109



9780990510307, $15.95, 236pp, www.amazon.com

Synopsis: Kate Lawrence is an amateur sleuth. She and her realtor partners investigate the sometimes adversarial relationship between authors and publishers and the frightening consequences of thwarted creative egos. When well-known mystery writer Maybelle Farnsworth moves to Wethersfield a few weeks before Halloween, she becomes the target of a neighborhood prankster, or so Kate and her partners believe at first. When the dirty tricks escalate from annoying to terrifying, May's secret sideline as the publisher of a line of sexy romance novels comes into play. Within the context of this cozy mystery, Judith K. Ivie's "Dirty Tricks" shines a light into the seldom acknowledged dark corners of today's ultra-competitive publishing industry, including...

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