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Worth the cost

One of the most misunderstood actions a higher education administrator makes is when he or she contracts the services of a paid consultant. To those outside the decision circle, the move often seems wasteful, especially at a time when department budgets are on the chopping block. They ask why the school must go to the expense of bringing in an "expert" to tell them what they believe they already know.

But that view is shortsighted and misses the larger picture. Good consultants are indeed experts in their field, having worked through the very same problems they are now being called on to solve. Many themselves have had long and successful careers as higher education administrators, and are eager to bring their knowledge and skills to bear. They offer a range of experience and have access to a network of advisors that can help guide your institution along the path to a successful result. But there are many factors to consider before signing on the dotted line for a consultant's services. He or she will be a team member, however temporary, and the consultant search should be the same as with any key player.

Look for someone who has worked with institutions of a similar size and culture to yours. A good consultant will gladly share a previous client list. Then, contact those clients and get their assessment of the consultant's performance. Make sure the consultant is in tune with your institutional goals and is not pushing a "one size fits all" solution. The consultant must be willing to work with each relevant constituent group to assess their needs and concerns. Getting constituent buy-in is important. It takes a special skill to float ideas to these groups without appearing critical or overbearing.

Begin your search with the consultants on these pages. They can help with a broad variety of problems, including enrollment, human resources, strategic planning, capital planning, leadership development, and more.

Tim Goral, senior Editor

University Business magazine

Academic Planning



24 Prime Parkway, Suite 105

Natick, MA 01760

(508) 655-7411

The Alliance enables our network of partners, associates, and professional colleagues to make a broader range of academic planning services and research data subscriptions available to our clients across the United States and around the world, including: comprehensive academic and program development, regional and specialty accreditation, academic licensing, institutional preparedness and new program feasibility studies, undergraduate and graduate degree and certification completion, curriculum development, faculty and professional development, library and learning resource enrichment, student and alumni preference polling, employer market surveys, out comes assessment and quality control, and multistate academic licensure and accreditation.


The Alliance helps clients meet tomorrow's challenges by providing best practices, performance benchmarking, practical, yet creative solutions and competitive market intelligence; an interdisciplinary team of experienced and talented learning leaders and management consultants; academic planners; program and curriculum developers; accreditors; regulatory, merger and acquisition experts; architects and engineers; institutional advancement, development, grantsmanship, communications and distance education experts, library science and information technology specialists.


* Academic Program Development and Accreditation

* Campus Masterplanning and Capital Financing

* Distance Learning and Intellectual Property

* Enrollment Planning

* Executive Search, Recruitment, Outplacement

* Institutional Advancement, Restructuring, Organizational Development

* International Education

* Multistate Academic Licensing

* Preventive Education Law

* Publications and Public Relations

* Sports Management

* Strategic Partnerships and Planning

* Systemwide and Multicampus Reorganization

* Research Data Subscription


Helps schools, colleges and universities address economic, demographic, and enrollment challenges and opportunities including executive decision-making, problem solving, reentering, professional development, transition, organizational development, trustee board recruitment, compensation benefits and succession planning.


Concentrates its practice in the field of preventive education law and serves as corporate and special counsel to governing boards of schools, colleges, universities, foundations, distance learning corporations and other learning organizations.


Higher education executive and faculty recruitment and outplacement to public and private colleges and universities including professional development, mentoring, transition, organizational development, trustee board recruitment, compensation benefits, evaluation and succession planning.


Assists clients in creating or upgrading sports programs including sports management, sports science and athletic coaching, hospitality, management, marketing, communications, sports agency, medicine, psychology, internship clearinghouse services, pro sports connectivity, advisory board networking.


Offers experience and leadership in independent schools to help educational leaders better serve their institutional mission and advance school initiatives including strategic planning, priority setting, cost avoidance, risk assessment, institutional advancement, professional and organizational development, accreditation, and international student recruitment.

Administrative Software

Education Strategies LLC

(513) 761-8980

Reduce Administrative Cost by 20%

Efficiency Audits


* Analyze operations

* Review technology

* Provide plan to cut operational costs ERP & Imaging Selection Services


* Reduce your risk

* Save you time

* Write the RFP

* Negotiate a better price Services that pay for themselves

EMPOWER Student Information System

30800 Telegraph Road

Suite 2775

Bingham Farms, MI 48025

(248) 647-8841

Admissions and Retention Services


315 Guthrie Street

Suite 400

Louisville, KY 40202

(502) 585-9033

Capture Higher Ed is a comprehensive turn key solution available to colleges and universities. Using targeted student search tools we identify viable prospective students and engage those candidates in a series of customized communications intended to lead to application completion. We deliver to our client institutions decision-ready, completed applications to help relieve the burden of prospect development and allow schools to focus on relationship building. Founded on more than 20 years of experience, our proven strategy helps guide our clients through student search, targeted recruitment, application completion, tracking and reporting.

Cognitive Marketing, Inc.

Brand Development for Educational Institutions

17 Pince Street

Rochester, NY 14607

(585) 244-4140 x22


940 Golf House Road West, #200

Whitsett, NC 27377

(336) 585-1044

The Dysart Group Inc.

John W. Dysart, President

112 S. Tryon Street, #760

Charlotte, NC 28284

(877) 9DYSART (939-7278)

The Dysart Group is a higher education consulting firm specializing in recruitment, retention, and financial aid at colleges and universities. Our emphasis is on revenue sensitive enrollment management, and we provide expert counsel regarding admissions, financial aid, finance, pricing, retention, and marketing. We work collaboratively with college and university representatives to achieve extraordinary results. Clients include Ferrum College, University of Baltimore, Jefferson College of Health Sciences, Bethany College, Wesley College, and Roosevelt University.


285 Clinton Street #2

Brooklyn, NY 11201

(917) 841-7308


1300 O Street

Lincoln, NE 68508

(888) 529-2028

Inceptia, a division of National Student Loan Program (NSLP), is a dedicated nonprofit organization providing much-needed support to help schools effectively fulfill their roles and responsibilities. Our mission is to provide guidance to schools, along with the means to help their undergraduate, graduate and professional students succeed. Through comprehensive analytics, student success tools, financial education, default prevention and financial aid management, we are confident we can help all students, not just borrowers, become financially responsible adults. We are here to make it possible for more schools to launch brilliant futures. More information at

Maguire Associates, Inc.

555 Virginia Road

Suite 201

Concord, MA 01742

(978) 371-1775

Maguire Associates is a comprehensive market research and consulting firm that serves educational institutions and associations. For over 28 years, we have applied innovations in market research, analysis, predictive modeling, and consulting to help our clients understand the dynamics of past performance, apply insightful knowledge to sound decision making in the present, and attain future outcomes critical to the health and vitality of their institutions. Maguire Associates' services include:

* enrollment management consulting

* market research

* branding and image development

* student retention/satisfaction consulting and research

* strategic pricing and forecasting

NRaisman & Associates

86 N Cassady Avenue

Suite 18

Columbus, OH 43209

(413) 219-6939

Scannell & Kurz

71-B Monroe Avenue

Pittsford, NY 14534

(585) 381-1120

Scannell & Kurz specializes in developing customized, data-driven financial aid, recruitment, and retention strategies for their higher education clients. We recently became a company of RuffaloCODY,...

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