Making direct contact: specialist in market intelligence thinks big.

Author:Ogier, Thierry

SAO PAULO -- Techniques used for slicing and dicing media markets have provided the basis for a Brazilian direct marketing company that has lined up some of Brazil's top 500 as clients.

Statistics, and how to analyze them, have formed the basis for Intrabase. But data alone is not enough. What matters is results.

By combining applied statistic techniques with database marketing, Intrabase dissects consumption patterns and other habits to create recommendations for clients who want to reach potential customers or build loyalty among existing ones. The company claims its team can parse data down to the level of residents of a particular street or condominium.

"This is strategic intelligence" said CEO Martin Gutierrez, who joined Intrabase from Teleperformance, the customer-service call center operator, where he served as a director in Sao Paulo.

Intrabase got its start in 2005 as the brainchild of an Argentine direct-marketing executive from the ranks of sprawling global media/advertising group WPE Agustina Benedit, the former CEO of Wunderman (an arm of WPP subsidiary Young & Rubicam) in Buenos Aires, had envisioned commercial applications for the tools that the agency used to segment audiences and create plans to generate leads and sales for clients. Benedit then joined forces with Paulo Henrique Cardoso--son of the former Brazilian president Fernando Henrique Cardoso--who is charged with cultivating potential clients. In 2007, the two recruited Gutierrez to take over the helm and manage day-to-day operations. Benedit remains the majority shareholder but is focused on developing new products.

Since its inception, the company has grown by some 40 percent annually. Gutierrez expects to end 2010 with sales of around 15 million reais ($8.5 million). Among the portfolio of clients are Itau-Unibanco, Brazil's largest private banking group; Natura Cosmeticos, the skin-care company; telecom Embratel; and mobile provider Claro.


In addition to its headquarters in Sao Paulo, Intrabase has offices in Rosario, Argentina, which is home to a respected training center for statisticians, but the company is not yet pursuing business in Benedit's native Argentina. The Brazil base has resulted in an assignment across the Atlantic in Africa, on behalf of conglomerate...

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