Dire Salvation.

Position:Brief article - Book review

Dire Salvation

Charles B. Neff

Bennet & Hastings Publishing


9781934733752, $12.95, 214pp, www.amazon.com

Synopsis: Calla Ogden's carefully organized life as a social worker in Washington's Central Cascade Mountains begins to fall apart when her half-brother is arrested for murder. The investigation centers on a fish hatchery operated by a local Native American tribe, and soon draws in Mayor Phil Bianchi and Greg Takarchuk, a junior police officer. As Phil and Calla grow close, they confront causes for the murder that bring them face to face with a dangerous new drug and with old events tied to Calla's native heritage. Native lore and modern science combine in a treacherous final confrontation that threatens to sweep away many lives, and with them, newfound love.

Critique: A...

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