Diners Club[R]: to launch Spanish Version of its Global Vision platform for Latin America users.

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Diners Club[R] announces plans to launch the latest generation of Diners Club Global Vision[TM] this fall. Several major enhancements will improve delinquency reporting capabilities, report scheduler functionality and overall site navigation.

Upon release of the latest generation of Global Vision[TM], users will immediately notice that the pages load significantly faster and overall site navigation has been improved. Additionally, reports can now be scheduled to run on specific days and delinquency reports can run at the summary level. Changes have been incorporated to allow users to create and name their own report folders as well. The multi-language capabilities of Diners Club Global Vision[TM] will expand to include Spanish and French by late 2004.

Introduced in 1992, Diners Club Global Vision[TM] is an online MIS reporting tool that allows corporate card clients to effectively measure, analyze and leverage T&E spending on a local and global basis. Diners Club Global Vision[TM] is a critical component of an effective T&E management program and enables users to improve delinquency management, enforce policy compliance and gain leverage in vendor negotiations. Diners Club Global Vision[TM] includes more than 40 standard reports and allows users to create custom reports with access to over 500 distinct data items.

Global Vision[TM] is available for Latin America companies who want to be one step ahead in controlling expenses and increasing savings with vendor management.

In the US Seventy-five percent of small- to mid-sized companies need to streamline or automate their expense reimbursement process, but can't afford commercially available automated expense reporting programs. * Many of these companies are utilizing cumbersome and ineffective processes which often lack enterprise wide standards. Diners Club is specifically targeting these companies with its new Online Expense Reports tool offered through its Diners Club[R] Corporate Account Manager service beginning this fall.

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