HP Indigo

Rehovot, Israel

HP has announced a brand-new portfolio for HP Indigo digital labels and packaging designed to accelerate digital printing. HP Indigo has launched new presses, along with color and workflow automation products, to efficiently deliver diverse, on-demand print orders with low waste. In a major step toward extending analog-to-digital conversion, HP has unveiled the HP Indigo V12 digital press, the first HP Indigo built on next-generation HP Indigo LEPX architecture. The first of Indigo's Series 6 platform, the narrow web label press provides Indigo's quality and versatility at higher speeds. As a result, the HP Indigo V12 can print as fast as analog with greater production agility, the company says.

Key benefits being offered by the HP Indigo V12 digital press include:

* Print up to six colors at 400 fpm (120 linear m/m), using six inline imaging engines running simultaneously. Produce up to 130,000 linear meters per day with one operator.

* New high definition (HD) imaging: HD Imaging System on press offers native to 1600 dpi resolution.

* Up to 12 colors on-press. Change inks on the fly and create any combination of colors.

* Print digitally on a range of substrates, from 12 micron film to 450 micron (18pt) board. The press supports pressure sensitive, sleeves, flexible packaging, tubes, IML and more.

* One-pass, nonstop, high-speed finishing capabilities to be provided by AB Graphic International.

The portfolio also introduces the new narrow web HP Indigo 6K and HP Indigo 8K digital presses for labels, the HP Indigo 25K for flexible packaging and labels, and sheetfed HP Indigo 35K and roll-to-B1 sheet HP Indigo 90K for folding cartons...

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