Digital prepress tool.

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Label Traxx

Milwaukee, WI, USA

Label Traxx has introduced several new features for digital printers, including an enhancement to the integration between Label Traxx and the prepress software Automation Engine by EskoArtwork.

Label Traxx will now be able to pass lead-in and lead-out specifications to Automation Engine, and these can be automatically printed at the beginning and end of a job. The product and job details and a company's logo can be added to the technical color for the die line. The die line technical color/separation will then print on the lead-in and lead-out frames for the job. Label Traxx will also specify the number of lead-in and out frames required for that product.

The lead-in and lead-out frames are used to register the labels on the finishing equipment. Enabling Label Traxx and Automation Engine to automatically generate the lead-in/out frames saves time in prepress. According to Label Traxx, just printing the die line can also result in ink cost savings...

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