Digital marketing: Is it possible to create messages that are guaranteed to go viral?

Author:Gonzalez T., Jose Alejandro

It isn't easy to persuade others to share messages promoting a brand or a marketing campaign. Here are some keys to making that happen.

Social networks have become essential channels when it comes to marketing. At present, it is impossible to think of strategies that do not take account of Facebook, TWitter, and LinkedIn, with the aim of persuading users to "like" and share messages in order to widen their impact.

But what makes a user decide to share or discuss products and services on social networks? Is there a secret formula to ensure a message goes viral on the internet?

Jonah Berger, a professor of marketing at Wharton School, believes there is no exact science that explains why people talk about and share messages. Still, there are some principles that help make messages, ideas and products contagious (see box). "Success in business when you try to get messages to catch on social is really understanding he customer, the people that are making those decisions. Understand why they share and make that decision."

For Randi Zuckerberg, former director of market development at Facebook, competing against millions of others with access to the same tools is one of the main challenges organizations face when deciding to use social networks. To stand out, they must devise ways to show a different, critical way of thinking.

"I think (the answer is) not being afraid of having an opinion of something, to have a personality," she said. "Don't try to please everyone or be too generic all the time. I would encourage anyone who wants improve their social media or their business to think the same way."

Social networks also provide an accurate understanding of the market through whatever goes viral. For Berger, the networks shouldn't be seen just as instruments to influence, but also as free or relatively...

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