Digital Drive.

Position:Technology - Oakland County's Automation Alley

Digital Drive--the new brand name that ties together all of the technology "hotbeds" in the 10-county Detroit Region--is a story that needs to be told because it affects virtually everyone who does business in Southeast Michigan.

If you're the CEO of a Tier 1 automotive supplier in Oakland County's Automation Alley, you're in the Digital Drive. If you're starting up a promising software company in the Ann Arbor IT Zone, you're in the Digital Drive. If you operate a one-person business in one of Detroit's Empowerment Zones, you're in the Digital Drive.

Questions and answers

Q: What is Digital Drive?

A: Digital Drive is a brand name that links the Detroit Region's various centers and clusters of technology into a unified whole. The goal is to make Digital Drive a household phrase around the world, similar to California's Silicon Valley, Boston's Route 128 and North Carolina's Research Triangle Park.

Q: Is it an association or organization?

  1. No. Digital Drive is a virtual highway of new and established centers of innovation spanning businesses, universities, associations and governments that runs throughout the 10 counties of Southeast Michigan. It is not an institution, nor does it replace any existing organization or association.

    Q: What's the difference between Digital Drive and organizations like Automation Alley and the Ann Arbor IT Zone?

    A: Automation Alley and the Ann Arbor IT Zone are geographically specific organizations designed to promote their members and regions. Organizations such as these play an important role in our region and its future as a technology hub. By contrast, Digital Drive is a brand, not a member association. You don't "belong" to Digital Drive--we're all in it together.

    Q: How is Digital Drive being marketed?

    A: The Digital Drive campaign is a long-term grassroots effort that will require buy-in from all sectors--public and private--to be a success. A creative group of professionals called 'PR Champs' is currently marketing the brand through a variety of channels, and the Detroit Regional Chamber and its economic-development arm, the Detroit Regional Economic Partnership, are playing a key role.

    Q: Who are these PR Champs?

    A: Collectively, the PR Champs represent more than 30 businesses, industries, associations and educational institutions that are committed to making Digital Drive a success. For a complete list, visit the Detroiter online at Click "Detroiter" on our home page and go to...

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