DIE CRAFT ENG. & MFG. CO., INC.: A Division of Midway Rotary Die Solutions.

11975 E. Florence Ave

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Ph: 800-794-4486

Fax: 800-794-4401

Web: www.diecraft.com

Email: sales@diecraft.com

Die Craft Engineering & Manufacturing Company was founded in 1995 on the principles of quality, service and value and became a division of Midway Rotary Die Solutions in 2020. Our passion continues to be centered on establishing long lasting partnerships with our customers. We believe that it takes more than just principles to master the art of die making which is why Die Craft is driven by continuous improvement and innovation to create the highest quality tools and dies in the market.

Our goal is simple--quality dies at an affordable price.


Deefour: Deep route depth engraving developed especially to accommodate materials tor the medical, automotive, and electronic industries. Chromium, carbon, and vanadium content in our tool steel, enable us to craft special shape tools with blade heights up to .500.

DX-503: Steel type that, Die Craft utilizes to manufacture dies that are dependable for many applications. It is especially ideal for metal to metal cuts.

D-2 DIES: Fully hardened, high chromium, non-flex premium tool steel meets the challenge in application requiring maximum durability for any substrates. It has exceptionally long press runs.

The machine sharpen lineal slitter shown above is especially designed to cut thick substrates up to 0.750.


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