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This column marks the last President's Message written by NEHA President David Riggs. Riggs will step down as NEHA president in July at the 2017 Annual Educational Conference (AEC) & Exhibition in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Journal would like to thank Riggs for contributing columns during his year as president and for providing our readers with insights into the association and profession. You can view all past NEHA president columns from 2014 to the present at www.neha.org/publications/ journalenvironmental-health/presidents-columns. The July/August issue will mark the first column written by Adam London, current NEHA president-elect, who will assume the position of president when Riggs steps down at the 2017 AEC.

NEHA offers several different health tracking resources that can be found at www.neha.org/eh-topics/health-tracking-0. One of the resources available through NEHA's e-Learning program, Tracking 101, provides an overview of the major components of environmental public health tracking. Topics covered include the National Tracking Network and Program, surveillance and epidemiology, types of tracking data, GIS policies, and communication.

NEHA now offers a new food safety credential--Certified in Food Safety Supplier Audits! Learn more at www.neha.org/professional-development/credentials. Also, check out the article on this new credential in the NEHA News section on page 57.

Employers increasingly require a professional credential to verify that employees are qualified and trained to perform their job duties. Credentials also improve the visibility and credibility of our profession. Hear from two individuals credentialed through NEHA about the importance of their credentials at www.neha.org/professional-development/credentials/insightscredential-holders.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Environmental Health Services Branch has provided columns for the Journal since January 2006. This contribution adds up to over 100 columns that have provided our readers with insights and information about environmental health programs, trends, issues, and resources! You can find an archive of all these columns at www.cdc.gov/nceh/ehs/publications/jeh_ehsb_columns.htm.

You can get more involved with NEHA by checking out www.neha.org/ membership-communities/get-involved. Volunteering is a good way to make a positive contribution to the profession and get to know your association.

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