Diary of a Would-be Princess.

AuthorSlaw, Robin
PositionChildren's review - Book review

Work Title: Diary of a Would-be Princess

Work Author(s): Jessica Green

Charlesbridge Publishing

240 pages, Hardcover $15.95

Middle Readers:Fiction

ISBN: 9781580891660

Reviewer: Robin Slaw

"Mrs. Bright says we have to do journal writing EVERY day. Guess what she says? If you want to be a good writer you have to WRITE, WRITE, WRITE, WRITE, WRITE, WRITE, WRITE, WRITE, WRITE, WRITE!"

In this delightful first novel, written for ages nine to twelve, readers follow Jillian in her journey through fifth grade by way of the journal her teacher has assigned. Much to Jillian's dismay, Mrs. Bright actually collects, reads, and responds to the journals each weekend. Readers will giggle their way through the journal as Jillian learns to survive "life's slings and arrows."

Jillian wants more than anything to be a Princess. But the "Princess" girls won't let her play a game of elastics, because her elastic is homemade from cutoff pieces of her undies and PJs. They prefer Kirrilly's fluoro green elastic from the shop. So Jillian befriends Nigel, who writes acrostic poems about marrying her; Raymond, who thumps her for collecting seed pods instead of running the next base; and Sam, without a mum, who learns to read and do math because of Jillian's help this year.

This book is sure to please children who will recognize their own classmates and the misfortunes of daily school life. Green captures the essence of children in all their glory and pathos as they navigate their way through party fiascos, the bumps, bruises, and humiliations of sports, writing character references for a friend caught shoplifting, and a peasant's revolt against the Princesses' self-proclaimed Royal Family during the unit study on forms of government.


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