Developing the Next Generation of Military Leaders: Challenges, Imperatives, and Strategies.

Author:Terino, John G., Jr.

Developing the Next Generation of Military Leaders: Challenges, Imperatives, and Strategies Edited by Julie Belanger and Psalm Lew. Kingston, Ontario: Canadian Defence Academy Press, 2011. Diagrams. Charts. Tables. Notes. Glossary. Index. Pp. 206. $34.95 ISBN: 978-1-100-19212-3

This book is the result of the 2011 International Military Leadership Association (IMLA) Annual Meeting. It contains some of the weaknesses of such volumes but also has significant strengths, since most of the articles are excellent in presentation and analysis. It is also strikingly diverse in the national representations of its authors (United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Switzerland, The Netherlands, and Indonesia) and quite current in its content and scholarship. It provides a lot of engaging contemporary thought regarding leadership issues and approaches from various perspectives that are all focused on improving leadership development for the future.

The volume covers many pertinent topics. From an American perspective, one example is an examination into the generational differences in military organizations with the rise of EMO and Gen X cohorts and their potential relationship to a military charged with conducting a wider variety of military operations with the rise of COIN. Other articles look at irregular warfare and new domains for conflict, such as cyber. There is also an intriguing essay on the interplay between economics, strategy, and security in the wake of the recent global recession and the...

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