Developing a good spend plan is not an art: the General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS) makes it a science.

AuthorJohnson, Mary E.

Capturing the correct financial information is not an art-it's a science, if you use the capabilities of the General Fund Enterprise Business System. GFEBS automated spend plan capabilities allow organizations to systematically develop comprehensive spend plans linked to lines of accounting, evaluate program requirements, and compare actuals versus budgeted amounts in near real-time.

Using one report, a budget officer or analyst can provide a timely and accurate assessment of actual spending compared to planned spending. This capability allows the budget officer or analyst to advise leaders on how to best leverage funding available from "under-executed" plans to gain the best value and meet mission critical requirements.


For years Army budget officers have spent hours gathering requirements using various spreadsheets, merging spreadsheets, and downloading historical obligation data from various reports to develop planning data to support the Command funding letters provided by the Army Budget Office. This routine process provides the Army an assessment of actual obligations compared to the spend plans for the fiscal year. After taking hours to combine the spreadsheets of data, even more time was required to analyze the data.

Previously, spend plans were generated separate from obligation data. Now, just as we run the status of funds reports on a daily basis to obtain a snapshot in time, we do the same on a daily basis to review the snapshot of spending plans versus actual obligations in one report and using one system from GFEBS.

GFEBS streamlines the process and provides a detailed comparative analysis between spend plans and actual obligations in near real-time using Business Intelligence (Bl) tools in GFEBS. Using automated spend plans available in GFEBS, provides budget officers and budget analysts more accurate data, greater knowledge of the past and more time to analyze the data. Analyst now can provide more exact, timely "information," which allows commanders to make well-informed decisions in a compressed decision cycle.

Benefits Realized from Automating Spend Plans

GFEBS allows for adjustment of spend plans in near realtime. Generally, adjusting spend plans was a function performed at the end of the month. Now, instead of spending several hours at the end of the month downloading the reports to compare planned spending to actual obligations ... it is done automatically in GFEBS once we make adjustments to the spend...

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