A YP take on corporate giving; inside Detroit's Jeanette Pierce gave it all up to promote Detroit.

Author:Mattera, Julianne
Position:Corporate Philanthropy - Inside Detroit - Interview

Born and raised in Detroit, Jeanette Pierce began Inside Detroit to connect the community to the best kept secrets in Detroit. Inside Detroit has been going strong for three years, giving Michiganders and out-of-staters an inside look into various entertainment venues, restaurants, shopping districts and living options in Detroit. Pierce leads outings of co-workers, friendds, students and prospective residents all over the city. The Detroiter recently interviewed Pierce to get her perspective on what drives her to promote her city of choice.


What is Inside Detroit?

Inside Detroit is a non-profit which promotes the city by educating people about it. We do the entire gamut of tours and outings. We go into bars, restaurants, shops, mall options and living options. We introduce people at bars and shops, people who live in developments, pastors at church. It's more about connecting with people and giving them the full, insider experience. We want to show people what it's like to live, play and work in the city.

How did you get started?

We started the non-profit about three years ago. I'm a born and raised Detroiter, and the more I learned about the city the more I loved it. I wanted to share that with other people, but there were no real tours of the city. When I met Maureen Kearns, she was working for Wayne County, and I was working for United Way as an Event Coordinator. Maureen and I had a similar idea of connecting people to the community. We're complimentary - I know a lot about Detroit, and she knows a lot about business. It started out as a side-project but became a full-time job. About one year ago, the demand for Inside Detroit became so high that I couldn't do both anymore.

How does this benefit the city?

The more people find and know the city, the more they love it. I can't fix the larger problems across the city and state, but what I can do is inform people. It's an easy way that has such a huge impact. It's a win-win-win situation. It's a win for...

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